Begin your legal career at Melling, Voitishkin & Partners

If you are a law student who wants to put the knowledge you’ve acquired into practice and plan the course of your future activities, we suggest you apply for an internship in one of the offices of Melling, Voitishkin & Partners.
Begin your legal career at Melling, Voitishkin & Partners
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About the programs
We invite law students from Russian universities who:
are studying in their final years of their bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree
have high academic performance
are fluent in English
are willing to work at least 20 hours per week
Internships in Moscow
Internships in St. Petersburg
Internships in Moscow
Every year, the Moscow office recruits a team of interns for a six-week internship, some of whom are given the opportunity to continue their professional training at the firm for a period of two months or more.
Who we invite:
  • Students pursuing their first higher education in jurisprudence, and who are in their fourth year in a bachelor’s program or their first year in a master’s program when the internship starts;
  • Those with strong writing and speaking skills in English;
  • Individuals with excellent knowledge of the law and high academic achievement;
  • Students who are ready to solve complex tasks and are open to new opportunities.
What we offer:
  • Paid internship in one or two practice groups, at the student’s choice;
  • The opportunity to gain an understanding of the field of legal consulting;
  • Participation in real projects under the leadership of top-level attorneys, partners and personal mentors;
  • Work experience that will be highly valued in the market.
Steps in the selection of applicants
  1. Submission of documents.
  2. Processing and review of applications.
  3. Interviews with HR representatives, test of English language ability. Interviews and testing are conducted at the company’s office. The entire process takes about two hours.
  4. Interview with attorneys and partners of the firm.
  5. Acceptance to the internship.
Internships in St. Petersburg
The company’s office in St. Petersburg selects law students for paid internships of three months or more depending on vacancies.
Who we invite:
  • Law students in their third or fourth year studying at Russian academic institutions;
  • Those with an excellent knowledge of the law, able to work with information, and proficiency in the English language;
  • Team players who can think innovatively;
  • Students who can work at least 20 hours per week.
What we offer:
  • Long internships (at least 3 months) with flexible hours that take into account academic schedules;
  • Work on real projects under the leadership of professionals;
  • The ability to gain practical experience and become part of our unique team;
  • Competitive salaries.
Steps in the selection of applicants
  1. Checking online applications for consistency with application criteria.
  2. Testing with evaluation of the applicant’s legal analytical skills and English language proficiency.
  3. Interview with attorneys.
  4. Acceptance to the internship.